Tsunami Strain (Hexo)

For this review, I tested some Hexo Tsunami, which is unquestionably a powerful strain. It is an indica-dominant strain with a

little amount of CBD and 19.7% THC. Actually, Tsunami is a variation of Northern Lights, arguably one of the most well-known strains ever.

Northern Lights, which is descended from Afghani and Thai landrace:

strains, is well-known for its quick blooming characteristics and tenacity during growth. It looked, tasted, and odored fantastic,

in my opinion. It certainly had some bag appeal, but I found the high to be a touch too strong. A more thorough analysis is provided below.


The majority of the buds in the 3.5-gram jar that I received were really rather adequately sized, with few little nugs. The nugs appear stunning under LED lights since they are all a light green colour with some

bright orange pistils and a tonne of white jungle boys carts trichomes. But once more—and I realise this may seem repetitive—the way the buds feel contributes to their appearance.

THE DROUGHT. Considering how easily it could be fixed:

it significantly lowers the score in my opinion. This was measured at less than 45% relative humidity (RH) in the

container; at that level of humidity, the marijuana is dryer than it should be, especially after being wrapped.


I didn’t even need to get my nose inside the container before a strong and pungent smell poured out when I opened the seal. There were some light sweet aromas floating around, but the myrcene really

jumps out because of how refreshing the herbal perfume was. The stench grew more stronger and was actually pretty pervasive across my entire living room as I bid up the cannabis.


The flavour of this cultivar was excellent; it tasted just how it smelled—refreshing. It tastes mostly herbaceous and earthy with a hint of citrus.

There wasn’t any coughing throughout the smoke, and the citrus flavours that lingered on the palate after inhaling made the aftertaste enjoyable.

Although it’s basically simply:

herbal and earthy, I thought the taste and scent were above average and prominent in this one.
Effects: 2.5/5

One of those strains, I thought the high from this one was a little too strong. That is to say, I was powerless to take any action. The THC % doesn’t do this justice, therefore I wouldn’t advise a novice to try it.

I really dozed out on the couch after about 30 minutes of feeling:

extremely drained and attached to it. I woke up, ate some ice cream, and then went back to bed. Try the Saturna Strain if you want to feel energised and focused after smoking.

Do not misunderstand me; I am well aware that some people adore this score, but because the final score is arbitrary, for me, this is a bit excessive. Basically, you have to have the desire to

To sum up, I wouldn’t advise this to someone who hasn’t smoked much in the past:

It’s strong, and I think it’ll cause some anxiety and paranoia. This could appeal to you if you prefer the “couch potato” high. I don’t think this Northern Light variation is for you if you want to be practical.

I was about as useful as a man with the common cold:

But don’t misunderstand; this is a respectable strain that will give you the boot! It has received several honours in the past. According to customer testimonials, many individuals have tried this for insomnia since it is undoubtedly a flower that will be helpful.


A potent Indica-dominant strain with a similar calming and sedative effect is Bubba Kush. It smells sweet and earthy with a touch of spice.

Granddaddy Purple:

Another strain with a high Indica content that is well-known for its sedative properties. With a tinge of grape, it tastes sweet and delicious.

A Sativa-dominant strain with a softer, more uplifting effect is Blue Dream. It smells fresh and sweet with a tinge of blueberry.

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